7-Ingredient Cinnamon Rolls

IMG_20140713_131159 IMG_20140713_131148

I had this amazing recipe for this 7-ingredient cinnamon rolls bookmarked for a good couple of weeks. The reason why it had been sitting there is that I was on vacation and didn’t have any almond milk or cinnamon – crazy right? But then again, really who wants to bring back a little bag or box of regular grocery market cinnamon from their trip?

The recipe is from Minimalist Baker and she calls them “Easy CInnamon Rolls”. The recipe is as I had linked, but I made a few simple modifications.

IMG_20140713_112103 IMG_20140713_122204

Rather than taking the dough out, cleaning the bowl and greasing it before replacing the dough back in, I simply left a bit of flour left sitting around in the bowl so that it wouldn’t stick. When it’s time to take it out, simply flip dough straight out of the bowl.

 I spread room temperature butter onto the dough using a serrated knife (which I also used to cut the dough into rolls after). The cinnamon sugar was spooned evenly across the buttered dough, then further spread out using my fingers. I then rolled it up length-wise, cut it into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds. I ended up with 12 pieces this way – 9 to put in my 8×8 square baking pan and 3 I put into a separate little oven-safe bowl.

One more thing. I used parchment paper to make it easier to clean the pan and bowl after.


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