Indecisive Banana Muffins

topSo I had 5 bananas in my fridge and needed to figure out a way to use them all up within the week before they become inedible, and I’m not in the mood for banana nicecream (yet). I figured that I could make banana muffins, but why make them all plain banana when you can also make double chocolate chip ones at the same time?

IMG_20140714_120533editedIntroducing the “One Batter: Two Muffins (Banana Chocolate Chip Edition” from Yes to Yum! I like how it’s meant to make a nice, small batch of 6 muffins (I got 7 but ate one shortly after I took them out – just a taste-test I swear). I baked them at 375F for 15min and changed it to 350F for 5min more. They are moist, slightly bouncy, and flavorful. I just wish I remembered to add a touch a cinnamon into the banana-almond ones. Those ones would also be great with white chocolate chips and cranberries mmmm!

IMG_20140714_105234editedI felt like keeping the chocolate in just one half of the muffins, so I didn’t make banana chocolate chip. Instead, I opted for a big handful of blanched almonds and a bit more sprinkled on top. As for the double chocolate chip ones, I just tossed in chocolate chips until I was satisfied. There was also vanilla almond milk in the fridge so I used that instead of cow’s milk because really why not? Oh and I added 1 tsp of 100% pure maple syrup which I recently discovered to be only a million times better than other ones I’ve tried (sorry Aunt Jemima).


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