ALL The Bananas

IMG_20140720_113039editedSo I still had those four bananas and luckily, my usual banana muffin recipe uses exactly that many! This is great because mother tends to buy bunches and bunches of bananas all summer long for some reason. By the time they are all spotted, no one wants to eat them anymore. This is a shame since they are so great for baking as they brown, so I throw them in the refrigerator the moment they are half-spotted and let them stay there until they get mostly brown and ready for baking!

IMG_20140720_113017editedThe best part of this muffin has to be how quick they are to throw together. The recipe calls for melted butter which is many times more convenient to me than putting butter out before baking – I usually bake spontaneously after all. All the bananas can be quickly blended in a blender before being added to the batter. I chose to add one cup of crushed walnuts to mine, and a good 1.5tsp of cinnamon.

IMG_20140720_104016Another thing I do is add this pure maple syrup instead of vanilla. To me, maple syrup is easier to use since it can be used outside of baking more commonly than vanilla, thus it’s also more convenient.

Do note that these muffins start to smell a bit odd after maybe 3 or 4 days depending on the temperature in your pantry, so I would recommend refrigerating them after cooling if you’re planning to eat them over a couple more days. They taste amazing straight out of the microwave or after a couple minutes in the oven!


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