Cherry-Almond Muffins

IMG_20140801_120527editedSo these were only amazing. It was my first time baking with cherries, and let me tell you they come out so sweet and reminiscent of jam. I made quite a few alterations to this recipe from Chez CateyLou, which is probably why mine turned out all puffy and ombre rather than rustic.

First of all, I used 1.5c AP flour, 1c almond flour (blended some blanched almonds in my food processor), and 1/2c enriched white pastry flour. For the toppings, I pulsed almonds, walnuts, and pecans since those are what I had on hand. 

IMG_20140801_111403editedI didn’t make any change to the cherries, but I will put my process here since it did take a bit of effort to cut up! I turned each cherry one-by-one across a knife in order to cut a line vertically of the circumference first. Then, I used my fingers to pull the two halves of the cherry apart and remove the  pit. Each halve was cut either into halves again or thirds depending on how large the cherry looked. This gave me these gorgeous red rubies for my muffins!

The muffins are moist and flavorful despite the unintentional absence of almond extract. I had planned to substitute it with maple syrup, but forgot about it completely. I will definitely make these again when I have cherries just sitting in the fridge!


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