Gochujang Spaghetti

IMG_20140810_122147By the second day after trying out this recipe, I had made it three times already! A spicy, sweet pasta dish that is ever so versatile, I’m in love with this gochujang spaghetti. I found the recipe for this dish at Aeri’s Kitchen.

IMG_20140811_224941edited IMG_20140811_224949edited

I find that the sauce, garlic, and onions are the most vital parts of gochujang spaghetti. Everything else can be changed to suit your tastes! For instance, in the first photo of this post, I only had napa cabbage on hand and it cooked beautifully. I did add the napa cabbage at the same time as the sauce to the saute pan though so that it gets a bit of a steam treatment. It prefer a more mild taste so I use 1tbsp gochujang, 1tbsp ketchup, and 1tbsp water per serving as I usually only cook for myself.


In the photo above, I used red peppers and found that the sweetness was amazing paired with the gochujang/ketchup sauce. I added the red peppers at the same time as the onions. This has become my go-to meal since little preparation is needed!


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